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  01. What is is the U.S.-Africa exporters official B2B website aimed at generating business opportunities between international decision makers and U.S.-Africa companies.Initiated by Ebony Technologies Agency, combines a comprehensive multi-sector directory, as well as news and thematic files presenting and promoting the U.S.-Africa companies abroad.

  02. I would like my company's products to be listed on, what should I do?

A listing on is not free, but registration is exclusively reserved to eligible countries of AGOA's law (40 countries) in Africa companies and all Africa countries and the US companies. If your company fulfils these requirements, register by clicking on the link 'Register' at the top-right of the homepage. Then follow the instructions.

  03. How does the search engine work?

The most common search method on consists in entering product keywords. The product keywords you enter are searched against the descriptions of all the items in our database. All the answers corresponding to the matched descriptions are then displayed. You can also search by company name and all the companies with matching or similar names will appear as search results.

  04. The product I am looking for is not listed, what should i do?

We may have listed the product under a different synonym. Try searching with other synonyms.

  05. Can I buy products directly from

No. exists to bring buyers and sellers together and provide them with a numbers different tool to enable them to trade with each other. Our aim is to make the supply chain more efficient and we believe that making the chain shorter is the way forward.

  06. What are "Business Opportunities"?

The Business Opportunities section is a place for businessmen from around the globe to: - Get in touch with export sales managers, experienced suppliers and providers, selected according to individual requirements (requests for price quotes, technical specifications, etc.); - Identify new partnerships for technology transfer, distribution contracts, and cooperation proposals; - Seize the opportunity the chance to announce and market your offers online The use of the "Business Opportunities " is free for all to use, but it does require registration.

  07. How to post a business opportunity?

In order to post a detailed business opportunity on, just click on the link "Post an offer or a request of collaboration" at the bottom of the Business Opportunities section on the homepage. This will either take you straight to the form you need to fill out if you have previously identified yourself or to the identification section if you're not registered yet.

  08. How do I become member?

To become a member, please click on the 'Register' link on the top bar.

  09. I submitted my information but did not receive my password, why?

The e-mail address you entered or that we have on file could be incorrect. To check this, re-register for the portal and confirm that your e-mail is correct. If it is not, you can update it.

  10. What can I do if I forgot my password?

1. Simply click on the 'retrieve your password' link from the Login Page.
2. Enter your registered e-mail address.
3. Click on 'Validate' to complete the process.
    The system will send an e-mail with your login name and password to your registered e-mail address.

  11. Why do I get an error when I type in my password?

First, check how you are typing your password. Remember that passwords for are case-sensitive. Example, if you entered "marc" as a password during registration, the site will only accept "marc ", not " MARC " or " Marc ". Then, check if you left unintentionally your keyboard CAPS LOCK on. Most users often overlook this. Thus, they unknowingly enter their password in ALL CAPS when they intended to type it in lower case.

  12. Do I need to accept cookies to use and what is a cookie, anyway?

You need to accept cookies to use A cookie is simply an HTTP reader that consists of a text-only string, which is entered into the memory of a browser. This string contains the domain, path, lifetime and value of a variable that a website sets. If the lifetime of this variable is longer than the time a user spends on a website, the string is saved to file for future reference. There are many reasons why a website uses cookies. The reasons range from the ability to personalize information or to help facilitate online sales and services or simply for the purpose of tracking popular links or demographics.

  13. Who can participate in our Links section?

Our links section is open to all global B2B marketplaces, trade associations, chambers of commerce,trade portals and other sites that facilitate large-volume trade or international trade who wish to exchange meaningful links with

  14. Can I get a copy of's database?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to get a copy of's database.

  15. What are membership prices and what do they include?

Membership prices & services For Members (USD 150.00 per year), which includes: - Full Company listing in our Database - Personalized website ( name) - 2 pictures uploaded to profile - Monthly Report - FREE offers (Sell & Buy, Business opportunities offers...).

  16. What kind of payment can I use?

Credit Card : MasterCard, Visa using Paypal BankWire Transfert: Please send us an email at requesting our banking information or for any other matter related to the payment.

  17. What are the advantages of registering with

With, your company will:
. Gain international visibility
. Save money, time and human resources in marketing
. Accelerate the buying/selling process
. Win unexpected leads
. Seeking partners easily
. Have worldwide exposure of 24 hours/day - 7 days/week
. Globally promote your full range of products & services
. Include your specific export criteria to be filtered by importers
. Match-making with our unique filter system
. Create a personalized web page
. Upload your catalogue
. Immediately launch new products and services
. Create a web profile which includes your company's data, allowing exporters to find you
. Upload 2 pictures

  18. Can I add a second profile?

No, you can have only one profile

  19. How can I be sure that my information is well protected: my E-Mail address and payment related         info? does not display our members' E-Mail addresses on the site. This minimizes the risk of members receiving spam or viruses. has a highly secure electronic payment system through its partnership with Paypal.

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